Server Updates. 6/25/2010!!

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Server Updates. 6/25/2010!!

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:25 pm

Hey!! It's me Ehab Isaac..

Today we're having many many updates...

Updates date : 25/6/2010 || 6/25/2010!

Commands :
/animslist, /eibhelp, /snow

Maps and scripts :
New Update on Isaac's Mountian, Near SF Airport....
New Update on Spawn Point
New Bank System " /deposit and /withdraw are bugged " Fixing it...
New Maps
New MapIcons
New Cars
New Houses
New Factions
New Jobs
New Missions
New Classes
New Ranks

Bugs :
The bank system.
Some of the houses you can enter them and never exit, LOL. But Fixing it right now.

-Ehab Isaac.


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